Empowerment of women in creative entrepreneurship and creative education in Uzbekistan

The British Council in Uzbekistan, Goldsmiths, University of London, the Uzbek State Institute of Arts and Culture, the People’s Bank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs jointly organized and delivered a scientific-practical webinar on March 12, 2021.

The speakers shared their thoughts and experiences on Creative Industries focused on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship: there is clearly a need to develop a framework for leadership and entrepreneurial studies within both an academic context and within the industry and provided a practical framework for discussing inequalities.  

Also, presenters spoke about the recent reforms in  Uzbekistan in support of women, decrees and decisions, mechanisms to increase the role of women in society, the allocation of special quotas for girls in higher education, etc.  

The workshop was aimed to help and enable staff to understand the processes of teaching and mentoring of creative entrepreneurship, potential leaders, as well as the need to develop role models and networks supporting women entrepreneurs  

Participants asked questions and expressed their opinions and conclusions on the role of women in the country’s economy, and, accordingly, how their role in society has to change – how they will affect the creative industries and development trends in Uzbekistan.  

Source: The Uzbek State Institute of Arts and Culture/ Goldsmiths